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Learning Technologies can help you create, share, and store multimedia content for your courses. Learn more about the resources and services we have to offer:

Recording Studio

Learning Technologies has a recording studio that faculty can reserve and use to create content for their courses.

If you’d like to use our facility, please submit a request using this form. This lets us ensure the room is free and that we are prepared to assist you!


What is a lightboard? 

A lightboard is a glass panel that acts as a whiteboard in the space between the speaker and the video camera. This means that you can be facing the camera and drawing on the glass at the same time (we flip the image in post, so no need to write backwards). The glass doesn’t show up in the video, so it appears that the text is floating in space!

Lightboard Uses

There are so many ways you can utilize our lightboard to create engaging video content for your courses. From laying out the fundamentals of circuitry to explaining sociological concepts, the lightboard can be an amazing tool for a wide range of content areas and purposes.

Wondering how you can use the lightboard? Here are a few ideas to get you started, but don’t be afraid to get creative! For more information on creating a lightboard video, check out the Lightboard Best Practices Guide

Record Short Lectures

The lightboard is ideal for creating short lectures! Choose a topic and use the lightboard to illustrate ideas and write down key concepts as you go. Creating several shorter videos can help keep students engaged, especially in online courses.

Create Focused Tutorials

You can use the lightboard to create video tutorials for solving difficult problems or to give explanations of complex topics that might otherwise take up a significant amount of class time. Plus, they look cool!

Illustrate Key Course Concepts

For those hard-to-understand course concepts, the lightboard can offer a space for you to illustrate and talk about the ideas. Even better, you can keep and reuse the videos from term to term.

Lightboard Videos Created by COD Faculty 


YuJa is the College’s enterprise media platform. Through YuJa, users can create, edit, upload, share and stream audio and video content. You can use YuJa as a place to store video and audio-based course content (freeing up room on Blackboard) and share links to that content with students.

Get Started with YuJa

It’s easy to upload a video to YuJa and then embed it into Blackboard. This can be especially useful when you’re teaching remotely and need to provide recordings of lectures or live sessions. When you upload a video to YuJa the built-in AI will automatically caption it, though you may need to make a few edits. Here are a couple of walkthroughs to help get you started with the basics like uploading, creating content, and captioning:


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