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As the College prepares to transition to Blackboard Ultra Course View, Learning Technologies staff is busy creating training, preparing resources, and transitioning courses to Ultra for interested faculty. While there is still time before we anticipate having all courses live on Ultra, now is the time to start exploring Ultra Course View and all it has to offer you and your students. The Ultra Course View offers a streamlined and contemporary course experience designed for instructors and students alike. Its intuitive workflows and tools make navigation and utilization effortless, and we cannot wait for you to try it out! 

Getting Started with Ultra: 5 Things to Know This short video is a great introduction to Ultra and covers how to locate tools, edit a course image, add content, batch edit content, and utilize the student preview mode. 

Copying Course Content from Original to Ultra Copying a course directly from Original to Ultra is not recommended, as things can get messy. This short video walks users through copying over content with intention. 

LT Knowledge Base Support Articles

We have created a Blackboard Ultra Course View-specific section of our Knowledge Base. Here are a few articles from it to help you get oriented and begin adding content. 

Support from Blackboard: Ultra Videos

You can find links to Blackboard’s Ultra support resources here! 

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