Transition Process

Over the next few terms, College of DuPage will be migrating courses to the Ultra platform. Here, we share more about our expected timeline for this transition, the progress we’ve made so far, and faculty and student feedback on Ultra.  





The transition to Ultra will extend from 2024 through the end of 2025.

  • Spring 2023

 Ultra Base Navigation Launches

In Spring of 2023, the LMS was updated to Ultra Base Navigation. 

  • Spring 2024

 Ultra Course Pilot

In Spring of 2023, the LMS was updated to Ultra Base Navigation. 

  • Summer 2024

 Pilot Expands

Our pilot will expand over the Summer Term to include adjunct faculty. 

  • 2024 Through 2025

 Course Migration Begins

We will begin the process of migrating all courses to Ultra, prioritizing online courses. 

  • Fall 2025

 Migration Complete/Nearing Completion

Tentative goal of having all courses migrated by end of 2025.

Spring 2024 Ultra Pilot

This Spring, 15 faculty volunteers are piloting Ultra in 43 different courses from a wide range of disciplines. While there have been some pain points and some difficult hurdles, the response has been largely positive.  So far, students have been able to navigate without any major issues and faculty are learning as they go how to utilize the new features and organizational structure.

While some things are taking some getting used to (gradebooks, flattened course structure, using integrations) most users reported that the LMS was a much more user friendly, simple, and intuitive.

LT will be developing targeted training to assist with the most difficult parts of the Ultra transition based on the feedback we get from this pilot. We’ll be sharing additional responses to Ultra as the term goes on.

“Like anything, it will take some time to adjust to, but, in the end, it will be worth it. The interface is much more user friendly.”

COD Faculty

“It’s a much more modern interface, with simplified processes to create course content and navigate a course.”

COD Faculty

“I like how much easier it is to move content around and add content. I also like that you announcements can be drafted and posted later.”

COD Faculty

“I was surprised by how much easier the interface was. I still have one class in the old blackboard and it feels clunky now.”

COD Faculty

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