While Ally was operational in for Summer of 2019, most students and faculty weren’t really aware of it and usage was low. As such, the Fall term was our first full term of use, and we were able to pull a lot of really interesting data from that experience.

The good news? Our Ally usage was great! Students downloaded thousands of files and faculty made hundreds of course materials more accessible.

Check out the numbers below:

For an accessible table of data, please email us at learningtech@cod.edu.

For the full report, see here: COD Ally Data Review FA2019 (PPT). For an accessible format, please email us at learningtech@cod.edu (we’ll be happy to share the data).

While this is an excellent start, there is still a long way to go in terms of getting us closer to total accessibility for our students. If you need any help in making your course accessible and getting your score out of the red, we’re happy to help. We can assist you in remediating documents, creating accessible content, adding captions, and more! Let’s make Spring 2020 even better!