While COVID-19 has put a real damper on a lot of things this year, professional development doesn’t have to be one of them. There are still lots of courses, workshops, conferences, and more going on that will allow you to learn and grow while you’re sequestered at home.

LT Training

Here’s what we’re offering up this fall!

Blackboard Grade Center Workshops

II – AssignmentLearn to utilize the Assignments tool to create assignments and grade student submissions.Thursday9/3/202 to 3:00 p.m.
III – TestLearn to utilize Blackboard’s Test tool for test creation and submission grading.Wednesday9/16/201 to 2:00 p.m.
II and III – Combined Assignment and TestAll of the information from Workshops II and III combined.Friday10/16/202 to 3:30 p.m.
IV – RubricsLearn to utilize the Rubrics tool for grading assignmentsTuesday11/3/203 to 4:00 p.m.
V – Weighted GradesLearn to add weighted grades in BlackboardFriday11/13/202 to 3:00 p.m.
I – Basics and BeyondLearn to utilize Blackboard for grade recording and reporting.Wednesday12/2/203 to 4:00 p.m.

Courses and Webinars

Adobe Education Exchange

Adobe Education Exchange has a full slate of courses year round, and this fall is no exception! Signing up is free though you may need to talk to IT to ensure you have the Adobe products needed to complete the course.

Education Week Webinars

While sometimes geared more towards K-12, there are some great opportunities to learn more about online, hybrid, and blended learning in these free (and recorded) webinars.

ASCD Webinars

Again, while sometimes more K-12 driven, these webinars offer advice on teaching from experts, with tips and tools that can also work in higher ed.

OLC Webinars

You can attend an upcoming webinar or take advantage of the recordings here, on topics like OER, equity in education, and facilitating online discussions.

Humanizing the Online Environment Webinar

September 23, 2020 at 12:00 p.m.

Dr. Michelle Pacansky-Brock, Faculty Mentor for the California Community Colleges, California Virtual Campus – Online Education Initiative

Humanizing is a pedagogical approach that supports the non-cognitive components of learning and increases the success of more students in online courses. In this presentation, we will consider why supporting the non-cognitive dimensions of learning is so important for students from marginalized groups and look at examples of humanized online teaching strategies. You will see how we are inspiring — not requiring — faculty to humanize their online courses through faculty-centric professional development in California.


While some conferences are still going on, others have been cancelled. Many more, however, have opted to move online instead. While it’s not quite the same experience, it does mean no travel! Here’s a short list of things going on this fall.

EDUCAUSE, October 27-29,  Boston, MA/Online

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference showcases the best thinking in higher education IT!With the best presenters, the best content, and the best networking, the premier higher ed IT event brings together professionals and technology providers from around the world to share ideas, grow professionally, and discover solutions to today’s challenges.

It is our sincere hope that we will have the opportunity to connect with you face-to-face this fall. We are monitoring the current situation and working to provide a rich and rewarding online experience in addition to the in-person event.

Quality Matters, October 27-28, Online

Introducing QMConnectLX — an online, multi-day learning exchange providing expanded, customizable learning opportunities for individuals and institutions across the globe. Featuring a mix of events — including interactive workshops, concurrent sessions and course checkups — each component is designed to help you grow your online skills and learn from others. The best part? You can mix and match and choose what works best for you! 

ITSE20, November 28- December 1, Anaheim, CA

Every year, thousands of educators come together at the ISTE Conference & Expo to discover new ways to learn with technology. This conference serves as a forum for exploring and exchanging ideas about education technology with educators from around the world.

WCET 30th Annual Meeting, October 6- November 12, Online

In these uncertain times, we have decided to move WCET’s 32nd Annual Meeting to a virtual seminar series in lieu of hosting it in Indianapolis. The two-part series of topic-focused virtual discussions and experiences will bring together higher education community members, practitioners, and experts. Each seminar will include strategic work group collaborations and networking events.

Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences Annual Meeting, November 4-7, Austin, TX

The 2020 Annual Meeting theme is Empowering Deans in Turbulent Times

Join us as we learn and work together to give voice to the values that unite us in the arts & sciences. The 2020 Annual Meeting will begin with pre-conference workshops and the opening reception on Wednesday, November 4th and conclude with the final concurrent sessions and post-conference workshops on Saturday, November 7th.

OLC Accelerate, November 9-20, Lake Buena Vista, FL/Online

Accelerating Online Learning Worldwide – 20/20 Vision: Envisioning the Future of Online, Blended and Digital Learning  

The OLC Accelerate conference emphasizes the most innovative and impactful research and effective practices in the field of online, digital and blended learning. Supporting administrators, designers, and educators alike, Accelerate offers a comprehensive list of sessions and activities tailored to addressing the challenges and goals of our entire community. Our curation of conference tracks and exhibits promises a cross-section of the prime topics in our field, offering exciting programming formats, myriad formal and informal networking opportunities, and a wealth of resources aligned to supporting quality online, digital and blended learning.

ION Courses

ION has a bonanza of courses that can help you improve your online teaching skills this fall. You can find the full list of courses here, but here are a few to give you an idea of what’s being offered:

  • Instructional Design for Online Course Development
  • Overview of Online Instruction
  • Student Assessment in Online Courses
  • Student Support for Online Leaders
  • Technology Tools for Online Teaching
  • Universal Design Principles for Online Learning

Did we miss something? Let us know if there’s something else that should be on the list!