Collaborate Ultra has seen some big changes over the past few months that should make it easier to use and provide some more functionality for use in online or hybrid courses. Some of the changes are highly requested by users, including a new video wall that functions much more similarly to Zoom and can allow you to see all your students on the screen simultaneously. Here’s what you will see in the new, improved version of Collaborate Ultra: 

Gallery View 

Using the new Gallery View option in Collaborate Ultra, you can now see up to 25 users at the same time. You can also take advantage of the Gallery View zoom which allows you to make a select few videos larger (you should see zoom in and out icons below the change view icon). Change to tiled and speaker view to focus on the participant who is presently speaking. You can also easily mute or change participant roles by clicking on the three dots in the lower right of their video rather than having to go to the participant panel.

At present, gallery view is only available to moderators, but it will become available to participants later this year. 

Whiteboard Editing Tools Changes

The whiteboard tools are now easier to use. The Clear button now completely clears the whiteboard instead of a single element. If you want to delete a single element, just select and use the delete key on the keyboard. 

Remove Attendee 

While we hope you never have to use this tool, Collaborate has made it harder to accidentally select this option  that allows you to remove a student from your session. It is now the last option in the menu and is highlighted in red. 

Support Chatbox Expansion 

The support chatbox rolled out in January, but now users can find it in more places. You’ll now see it on both error pages and on the Report an Issue panel.

Collaborate developers are working on other big changes to the tool over the next few months, so check back soon to see what other new and exciting features are coming soon or rolling out!