Whether you’ve been using YuJa for awhile or are a newbie, it’s likely there’s still something you need to learn how to do in the video management system. There are a wide range of features and tools that make it much more than just a place to store your content (though you can use it that way, too, if you want). From video quizzes, to editing, to sharing content, there’s so much to learn it can feel overwhelming–but don’t fret! We’ll break it down for you, from the basics all the way up more advanced user tools. 

Getting Started 

Never used YuJa before? Here’s how you get started! 

Your first step will be to go to cod.yuja.com. Click login in the upper right corner and input your COD login credentials (the same that you’d use for your email or to log into the Portal). 

From there, you’ll be ready to do just about anything  you need to do in YuJa! If you’re planning to use YuJa in your courses, you may want to add a course link. 

Students can also use YuJa to record to share videos that they create for their courses and embed them in Blackboard. If you’d like to have students use YuJa in your course, share this helpful guide with them. 

Adding Content 

Once you’ve logged into YuJa, the next step is to start adding content. YuJa allows you to both upload content from outside sources and to record content in YuJa itself. 

You can upload content to YuJa both from your computer and from a mobile device. 

If you’d like to create content directly in YuJa, you can do that as well. At the top of your YuJa menu, you will see an option called Create Recording. If it is your first time using this feature you may need to download the YuJa Software Capture program (you do not need to install it, so no IT call required–it will simply open when it’s ready). From there, you can simply record a basic video by hitting Start or you can create a narrated presentation. You will find instructions on both below. 

Editing Content 

Did you know that you can also edit videos in YuJa? Whether you want to cut out a word you flubbed, shorten your content, or even add overlays, you can do it right in YuJa itself. You’ll find the video editing tools in the Manage Media area of YuJa. It’s important to note that when you edit a video, your original isn’t altered–all edits are saved to a new file–so no risk of losing your work. 

Learn more about the full range of YuJa’s video editing tools

Sharing Content 

Once your content is ready to go, it’s time to share! You can create shared folders on YuJa that allow you to share an entire folder of content rather than a single video or simply embed a YuJa video right into your Blackboard course. 

If you simply want to share a link to a video, you can, of course, do that as well. Here, YuJa explains how to share a content link

Making Content Accessible 

Anytime you create content for your courses, you want to make sure that it’s accessible for all of your students. When it comes to videos, that means captioning! You can have your videos auto captioned and you can touch up any mistakes the AI makes using the edit captions tool. We explain how in these two KB articles. 

If you have any other questions about creating accessible content, please let us know. We’re always happy to help. 

Video Quiz

One of the coolest features of YuJa is the ability to create a quiz that is integrated directly into your videos. You can even have student results sent directly into your Blackboard Grade Center! To learn more about this feature, watch the video above or read through our walkthrough below. 

Other Settings

A couple more things to cover here– you can adjust who can see your videos to provide additional security for you and students alike. You can also edit any of the details on your videos to make them easier to find. 

Still have questions about YuJa? Send us an email! We’re happy to help.