Foundations of Online Teaching is one of Learning Technologies’ longest running and most popular trainings. If you haven’t taken Foundations, here’s your chance to learn a little more about the 6-week training. You may decide it’s right for you!

The Basics

Length: 6 weeks.

Course Type: Online. While the course is mostly asynchronous, activity due dates are listed each week for successful course completion. Any/all VCM meetings are scheduled according to cohort and instructor consensus.

What It Covers

Foundations is designed for Faculty and Administrators and aims to teach you how to be an effective online facilitator. Topics include:

  • Developing your online course environment
  • Effective communication online
  • Techniques to build instructor presence
  • Media in the online environment
  • Adaption and accessibility

Participants in the course will be given a Blackboard shell to use where they will create content to demonstrate their knowledge of online course design. Participants will also be expected to interact with their course cohorts, posting in discussion boards and sharing ideas for best practices in online teaching and learning.

Faculty who take Foundations can get professional development credit hours.

Coming Soon

Foundations isn’t being offered this fall as it’s undergoing an overhaul! When it returns, it will be available in a more modular format, making it easier for those who can’t commit the full six weeks to the course to more easily be able to tackle it bit by bit. Stay tuned for announcements about Foundations of Online Teaching! We’re looking forward to unveiling our new and improved training.