Missed a YuJaPalooza session you really wanted to attend? Want to refresh your memory on about something we discussed? We’ve got you covered. All of our sessions from this year’s YuJaPalooza were recorded! Here’s the links to all the YuJa goodness:

  • Fundamental Funk: Get an overview of the YuJa system and how to accomplish basic functions such as accessing the system, uploading content, and sharing the videos in your class section.
  • Call and Response: We’ll take a look at how students can use YuJa for completing and submitting assessments, peer feedback, and more!
  • K-Pop Quiz: This session will go over how to create video quizzes in YuJa, embed them in your course sections, and track student progress.
  • The Edits: This session will explore the editing tool in YuJa and review basic editing functions.
  • Metal Cognition: This session will orient participants to features for learning in YuJa to improve comprehension and make your content stickier.

We’re also always on hand to answer any of your questions as you create, store, and share content on YuJa–give us a call or email!