Trying to get your courses ready for Fall Term? You’re not alone! We get a lot of similar questions as faculty and staff ready everything for the first day of classes. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions (and their answers) at this time of year!

How do I import a course?

To import a course, you will either need a course package that you have exported yourself, or one that a colleague or your division has provided to you. Note that the import process adds content to a course shell, it does not over-write existing content.

How do I do a course copy?

If you’re teaching more than one section of a course, you may want to copy all the content from one course into another to make it simple to keep each course the same.

How can I add a Tool Link to the Course Menu?

If you want students to have direct access to one of Blackboard’s tools, you can add a Tool Link to your Course Menu. One of the most common tool links to add is the Discussion Board. You can also change the order of how things appear in the Course Menu.

How can I customize my course?

While some customization options have been removed in the latest version of Blackboard, you can still make some changes to how students see and interact with your course.

How do I post my syllabus?

Even if you don’t use much of Blackboard you will still need to post your syllabus. There is a very specific way to do this so that it won’t generate an error when it’s later extracted, so make sure to follow the instructions!

How can I add accommodations for my students?

Whether you have a student who specifically needs accommodations for your course or you are just looking to make your course more generally accessible to all students, there are some helpful resources that can make it easier to accomplish that goal.

How do I post an announcement?

In the first few weeks of class, you’ll likely want to post some course annoucements and let students know how to get started.

How do I enter my Roster Verifications?

Roster verifications are due fairly soon after classes start, so it’s a good idea to brush up on how to submit these before the term.

How do I set up the Grade Center?

Planning to use Blackboard’s Grade Center? There are some best practices you should adhere to in order to get the most out of this integrated tool.

Have other questions? Please let us know!